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How to Embrace JOMO


We’ve all had it; the fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. It’s easy to get swept up and caught up in other people’s social media posts and wonder, why aren’t I there? Am I boring? Should I be doing more? 
Fear not: it’s now the time to embrace JOMO, or, the Joy of Missing Out!

What does JOMO mean?

relaxing in nature outdoors relax

JOMO reminds us to slow down, to take a moment to step back and appreciate life, away from the relentless, ever-changing and demanding world of social media.

JOMO means disconnecting and slowing down.

JOMO means finding balance and being okay with where you are.

cat lying in the sunlight sleeping lazy cosy

JOMO is saying no, planning nothing, but time to be and enjoying the moment you’re in.

JOMO is doing what you really want to do.

JOMO is embracing the small things; the lazy Sunday mornings, the cup of tea enjoyed in the garden, and rainy afternoons on the sofa.

What are the benefits of embracing JOMO?

camping woods nature outdoors escape relax

With everything at our finger tips these days, it’s easy to get swept up in a constant state of updating social media, comparing our lives to other people’s, and replying to those emails and messages without really switching off or taking a proper break.

Switching off from social media and technology is incredibly beneficial for our well being. Not only does it give us a chance to have a break from screens, it also allows us to take a break from constant comparisons and always trying to be somewhere else. Switching off in this way helps our brains to recharge and for us to relax completely, and erase that guilt for saying no to things.

It allows us to create balance in our lives and to understand our bodies and brains and what they really need. Slowing down, taking a real break and really allowing yourself to stop is essential, but we don’t often give ourselves the chance to do it.

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Social media or always saying yes doesn’t always make us happy. Like everything in life, balance is key, and stepping away for a while allows us to find something else in our lives.

Realising that you can’t do everything and that it’s okay, allows you to say no and to make time for yourself.

So why not try it and see what a difference it makes to you.