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Nine Things To Do at Home With Kids During Lockdown

We’ve all suddenly got a lot more time at home on our hands, and it’s the perfect time to get all those things done that you’ve been planning to do for a while (or just take a break, there’s a lot going on). But for those with kids who aren’t going to school anymore and need a lot of entertainment while isolating at home, it’s hard to constantly find new things to do with them. 


Here’s nine ideas for things to do with the kids while you’re on lockdown. 





1. Get Active
There’s plenty of ways to get active while at home, without even having to leave your front room! There's a wide range of exercise classes available online so there’s plenty to chose from, perfect for these days of social distancing. Or perhaps you might make up your own - maybe you can create an obstacle course in your back garden or get the kids hitting a tennis ball against the wall! 
2. Work on a Project 
With school out, this is a great time to learn about something your kids are really interested in. Together you could come up with a project, whether it’s a history topic, geography or science, such as fossils or solar power, and you’ll all learn something new. Or perhaps you could invent your own spy-themed school or create your own economy at home. 



3. Bake
Get the kids in the kitchen and de-stress with some baking, which is great fun for all the family - they might learn something new, you’ll have fun, and something to eat at the end of it. Use up whatever you already have in the cupboard and get creative without having to go to the shops.  
4. Learn a new game 
Learn that board game you’ve been meaning to try for a while or teach the kids your favourite game. Perhaps now is the time to learn chess or cards? You’ll while away many hours playing and it’ll be fun for everyone. 



5. Storytime 
There’s nothing nicer than being read to. Pick something from your bookcase and snuggle down to enjoy a good story together. If you’re looking for something different that you don't have on your bookshelves or are fed up of the sound of your own voice, then there’s plenty of authors and illustrators reading their stories live on social media regularly. There’s something out there for everyone.
6. Craft 
Making something is always rewarding, and during this tough isolated time, there’s no better time to get creative. Whether your kids enjoy drawing and painting, or getting messy, there’s plenty of craft kits and ideas available online, with activities to keep your kids busy for weeks. Why don’t you try using an old shoebox to create a room or scene or make some bunting to brighten your home up?




7. Write a story 
Perhaps you could try writing your own stories? With no grades to worry about, now is the perfect time for kids to unleash their imagination and write (and illustrate!) their own stories, which you can share together. Plenty of children’s authors are currently sharing great resources for kids to start writing across social media. 
8. Plant seeds 
Get their hands dirty and get them growing vegetables or herbs. Watching something grow is particularly rewarding and is a project that will last for many months. You don’t need much space, just some seeds, some soil, and a sunny windowsill. 




9. Blanket fort 
Sometimes, it just all gets too much and you need to make a fort of blankets and cushions! Convert your living room into a giant den or take the indoors outside and construct one in your garden. Perfect for hiding away and relaxing - or even having a picnic!


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