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Spotlight on Atlantic Blankets



One of our favourite local brands here at Keep Cosy is the Cornish based family business Atlantic Blankets. Their gorgeous blankets are hard not to love and want to add to your home!


With a strong sustainable ethos and local manufacturing credentials, their range of beach-inspired blankets stand out for their unique, vibrant colours, style and quality.   





Founded in 2007 in Perranporth, Cornwall, Atlantic Blankets is a family business that began at a kitchen table with the simple desire to find a blanket to soothe a child. 


Owned by Gemma Teague and Alistair Graham, Atlantic Blankets has continued to grow each year, featuring on This Morning and in publications including The Sunday Times and the Guardian, bringing the company to national attention. Most recently, the company supplied the world leaders with blankets at the G7 summit that took place in St Ives in 2021. 





Living in Perranporth, the ocean plays a vital daily role in Gemma and Alistair’s lives, forming a backdrop to their home and working lives. Gemma says that being around and in the sea helps to ease her worries and stress, and this is fundamental to the success of the business. 


This connection to the natural landscape influences the company’s unique colour palette. Inspiration comes from the landscape around them, ranging from the sea, coast, and cliffs to footprints in the sand and palm trees. Alistair has a background in interior design, which brings a wide range of knowledge to the design process.






Since 2018, the company has eradicated plastics in their packaging, backing their sustainable ethos, which started with a desire to create a product made locally with a short and traceable journey. 


All their blankets are made in the UK, produced with sustainable, and often recycled, materials. They work with approved mills using traditional methods and their wool is sourced from British farmers. 


In this way, Gemma and Alistair ensure that every step of the journey is as sustainable as it can be.



With a luxurious finish and trendy, beach feel, Atlantic Blankets are made to last for generations. Here at Keep Cosy, we love these blankets, not just for their low carbon footprint and great eco-credentials, but for the bright, eye-catching colours and warm, comforting materials. 


Why not take a moment to pause, enjoy the simple things in life, and embrace the Atlantic Blankets ethos!