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10 Things To Do Instead of Scrolling Through Instagram

Ten ways to indulge in some self-care and simple pleasures this weekend and do something different.


Walk (bonus if it includes a pub lunch). Get outdoors and leave the phone behind. Enjoy a ramble through the countryside or by the coast without your phone. Finish by the pub fire or in the beer garden for a relaxing day out.


Bake a cake. There’s nothing like a homemade cake so flex your Bake Off skills and bake something tasty to eat yourself or share with friends and family!


Read a book. Take a book to your favourite place, whether that’s your sofa or bed, garden or park, and settle down with an old favourite or something brand new that you’ve been longing to read.


Create something. Rediscover drawing, painting, pottery, sewing, or something else crafty, and get creative. Perhaps you could make a photo book with all those photographs you’ve got?


Learn something new. Try something that you’ve always wanted to try, whether it’s a gym class, learning a language, a dance class, arts and craft, or cooking, sign up to that class and do something you always meant to do.


Cook a meal. Find that recipe that you’ve been meaning to try for ages and spend some time cooking a nice meal, and invite some friends over to enjoy it!


Pick up an old hobby. Perhaps you’ve got a neglected hobby waiting on the sidelines? Dust it off and get back into something that you once enjoyed and set aside some time to enjoy it once again.


Garden. Get outside and do all those gardening jobs that you’ve been meaning to do for ages or plant some seeds. Being outdoors is restoring and getting your hands dirty will do you the world of good. Watching things grow is the best reward.


Have coffee with an old friend. Old friends are the best. Catch up with a friend and reminisce while enjoying tea and cake!


Play a game. Gather some friends together for some good old fashioned entertainment, whether it’s an old classic board or card game, or a good puzzle, it’s the perfect way to while away the hours.