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The Rise of dryrobe 



Adored by surfers and swimmers worldwide, dryrobe has quickly become synonymous with outdoor cold water activities and lifestyles. Here, we look at where it all began and why dryrobes are so brilliant for all sorts of outdoor activities. 






The first inklings for the product that would eventually become a dryrobe started here in Cornwall with founder Gideon Bright. Growing up in Cornwall and surfing throughout the year meant that surfing in cold and bitter conditions was commonplace and the struggle of changing in chilly car parks exposed to the elements made it challenging. 


Gideon’s mum, Anne, first sowed the seed. Seeing how cold he was after getting out of the water, she fashioned a waterproof cape, which Bright describes as having “light blue waterproof material on the outside, with a stripe across it, a dark blue towel lining with an elasticated hole for your head to stick through and a hood with poppers”. This Christmas present was then passed around and used by Bright and all his friends while changing in cold car parks across Cornwall after freezing surfs.  






It wasn’t until Bright returned to the West Country after a career in London and with a young family that the idea presented itself to him again. Another cold car park on Devon’s North Coast prompted him to remember the robe that his Mum made him and finding that there was nothing like it on the market, he began to design a new robe that would become the first-ever dryrobe.


The first dryrobes were sold to friends and online in 2010. In 2012 changes in design and production meant that the dryrobe really began to take off and started to become the changing robe that we know today. 






When Bright created the first dryrobe, there was nothing quite like it on the market. It remains unique thanks to its advanced technology and innovative design. As of 2021, dryrobes are now made of 100% recycled materials. 


The synthetic lambswool lining is made from 100% recycled polyester, which is from post-consumer plastic. The fast-drying fleece technology draws water away from the skin, meaning it can be used several times throughout the day - perfect for getting in and out of the water! 


The waterproof outer, made from recycled nylon, is waterproof up to 10,000mm and the seams are heat-sealed to ensure protection. This outer is finished with an eco-friendly protective finish. 





Originally popular with surfers and cold water swimmers, dryrobes quickly grew in their popularity for all kinds of sports as well as other outdoor activities, including walking the dog!


dryrobes are well used now by elite athletes, including Team GB Olympians, providing Team GB athletes with dryrobes at the 2020 Olympics. 


dryrobes have also featured on TV programmes, where they have been used by participants in Sport Relief and Children in Need events. Plus they’ve been spotted being used by actors in-between shooting scenes as well! The brand is represented by multiple ambassadors, including surfers, snowboarders, cold water swimmers, and many more. 





The popularity of dryrobes continues to grow, with the brand now extending into dog dryrobes, car seat covers, changing mats, and more. We’re sure that we’ll continue to see dryrobes everywhere and can’t wait to see what they do next. 


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