Twelve Ways To Practise Self-Care During Isolation

During these strange times, when we’re socially isolated from our friends, family, and society, it’s more important than ever to look after our own mental health and well being while we’re stuck self-isolating at home. Things might be difficult, but there’s still so many ways that we can look after ourselves and get through this period of social distancing together. 



There’s plenty of ways to practice yoga at home, with yoga teachers across the world taking to video teaching, so you can take your pick. Maintaining a regular practice is great for your health and well being.  

Help keep your mind healthy and start a meditation practice. There’s plenty of apps available free to give it a go. 



Making something is good for the brain and relaxing too. Pick up an old hobby or try a new one. 

Getting in the kitchen and making something can be really relaxing, even in times like this. Make sure to keep your body as nourished as your mind. 



Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, get your Vitamin D and get your hands dirty. Plus it’s a great all-consuming activity that will take your mind off anything else going on. 

Read or listen to an audiobook 
Reading is the perfect way to wind down. Lie in the garden in the sunshine or curl up in bed and sink into a good book! 



Have a luxurious baths 
Sink into a warm, luxurious bath and truly relax. Light some candles, fill the tub with your loveliest bath products and listen to some gentle music while you truly relax. 

Daily Walk or Run / Exercise 
Get outside for your daily allowance of fresh air and take yourself for a walk or run around your local area (making sure to keep clear of others of course to maintain social distancing!). Your mind will thank you for it. Or if you can’t get out because you're self-isolating, find an exercise video online and workout in your home. 



Write down how you’re feeling, what’s going on, and what’s troubling you. You’ll feel better for it. Make sure to keep a note of all those things that you’re grateful for too - it’s rewarding. 

Talk to friends and family on video chat 
Making sure that you’re still keeping in contact with friends and family is important, and it’s so easy to do nowadays with plenty of options for video calling. You’ll feel brighter after a good chat. 


Step back from social media 
Make sure to limit your time scrolling through social media. Give your brain a break and step away from your screen and the news and you’ll feel much better. 

Declutter and organise
If you’re working from home, make sure that you’ve got a nice, clean space to work in. A good sort out will make you feel much calmer and you’ll be glad that you did it. 




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