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Bamboo & Ginger Lily Fragrance Oil (10ml)
Bamboo & Ginger Lily Fragrance Oil (10ml)

Bamboo & Ginger Lily Fragrance Oil (10ml)

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Highly Concentrated Essential Oil Blend 

This scent makes you feel like you've just walked into a spa! So bring the spa into your home with this gorgeous combination of bamboo and ginger lily. Gentle aloe and bamboo bring a lightness and freshness to this scent that is just what you need when you need to relax and take five minutes for yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Recognised for therapeutic health benefits, essential oil is great for using with diffusers and for creating some ambience in your home with its fabulous fragrance. 


  • Therapeutic health benefits of essential oils include reducing anxiety, aiding sleep, and lifting your mood. 
  • The highly concentrated essential oil blend is suitable for use with a fragrance diffuser, such as our bamboo ultrasonic diffuser. 
  • Contains natural essential oils. 

Product Details

  • 10ml 
  • The product scent is Bamboo and Ginger Lily.
  • Top Note: Aloe; Middle Note: Bamboo Green; Base Note: Ginger lily.
  • Designed in Yorkshire in the UK