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French Lavender & Honey Incense Gift Set

French Lavender & Honey Incense Gift Set

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Zen Aromas Made in India 

Create a peaceful environment for sleeping or relaxing, with this soothing lavender and honey scent. With sweet overtones balanced by the delicate lavender, this is a lovely scent for a bedroom.

Great for purifying your space, incense sticks and cones are beneficial for the mind and soul. Often used in meditation practices, incense sticks and cones can help reduce stress and anxiety.


  • Incense sticks and cones are great for purifying air, filling your space with beautiful scent, and can complement a meditation or yoga practice. 
  • The sticks come with a lovely flower incense stick holder. 
  • This set makes a thoughtful gift or treat for yourself. 


  • 26cm x 4cm x 8cm approx
  • Contains approximately 30 sticks and 10 incense cones 
  • Comes with a decorative incense holder 
  • In a wooden box with a clear lid 
  • The scent is French Lavender & Honey 
  • Made in India